Thursday, June 18, 2009

my Goals

In our life we have to be always be relax and steady.I'm always be in smart thinking about life,and everything we do.don't panic...
sometimes i think I'm always happy with my previous experience exspecially for my last job.
I'm always travels about 15 years.and always left my family.Sometimes i feel so lost about them especially my lovely mother.

ive something to share...i dont know how to speak..but ...he"he"he"

i feel better at INSEP 2009 programme .I realize that ive waiting for my job.but i ve to stay here not because of The....??Because i just want to get the knowledge.For me "ilmu" is the key to success.

JUly 1999 i hve been at KUdat ,Sabah.Living there so good because the situation and the people so nice.the food so different and the culture sometimes hot,rainy and air "ribut" so scared...

i so glad when my first job as Assistant Executive Officer at SPACE UTM KL.My boss always give me confidence and always trust me because she said I'm a good worker and important person.Sometimes i feel happy and always think why she said like that at me.

When i 'm being a teacher ,firstly i 'm not excited ,because of my mother opinion.but..when i'm entered "Maktab Perguruan Tuanku Bainun"situated at Bukit Mertajam.I have learn more how to understand people,pscycologi and the most fovourite subject is "pedagogi"

As a teacher not just "teach" in class many to develope person that younger and need our support,encuorage,leads,cooperation and understanding each other between the students and teacher.

sometimes i like to know people about their hope,wish and future targetting and know i also like to go around the world and to travel because i prefer to do like that.


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